Building Automation & Controls

Automation_tech_iPad_5931.jpgNewcomb has over 60 years of experience designing and installing building automation systems (BAS) that range in scope from the latest Internet-based open-architecture technologies to complex pneumatic systems. 

Our BAS technicians implement advanced energy-savings algorithms that automatically optimize the operation of your HVAC and lighting systems—as well as other building equipment—often leading to cost and energy savings. Installing the right building automation system can make a significant difference in your facility’s comfort, productivity, and energy efficiency. 

We are also able to install additional meters to allow monitoring of building utilities in real-time to identify areas of cost savings and efficiency improvements. These systems utilize open platforms and can be managed by on-site personnel, or by qualified service providers remotely. 

Newcomb’s BAS and controls solutions features include:

  • Web browser interface
  • Powerful graphical displays
  • Scheduling
  • Trending
  • Data sharing
  • Alarm and event monitoring
  • Tenant billing
  • Access to the system via intranet or internet
  • Ability to connect to systems from remote sites
  • Alarm routing to email, cell, or pager
  • Different passwords that allow multiple users different levels of access

Additionally, with our experience and various certifications from multiple system manufacturers, we can provide the optimal solution for your needs and operating goals. We specialize in the following:




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